Blazin Southern Soul

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Playing some of the hottest Southern Soul Music around! Available worldwide through digital media platforms 24/7 and also on social media: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. RadioKing App which is available for PC, Apple, and Android, devices.

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Sunday Morning Gospel

Sunday Morning Gospel with DJ Rock

Blazing Southern Soul of Macon Ga. Available worldwide through our digital media platforms and social media: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. 24/7 Zeno Radio App which is available for PC, Apple, and Android devices.

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Blazin Southern Soul

DJ Rock! Of Macon Georgia

Well known, DJ Rock has been a DJ for a little over 32 years. Also has been a Radio Programmer for roughly 23 years and counting.. Experienced Promotion in all genres and generations of music. Home town of Marshallville Georgia. Has prior lived in Florida for roughly 15 years. Also Doing Music!

Currently at 46 years of age, DJ Rock now resides in Macon Georgia. Founder and CEO of Blazin Southern Soul. A network of radio, live streaming, podcast and promotion. For roughly 6 years and counting!

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